Natural Tones is committed to bringing equality to armpits everywhere through clean, tinted deodorant. We recognize the beauty in our differences while addressing what we all have in common – sweat! We want you to feel fresh and confident in your own skin, without concerns of toxins or the visible underarm streak. Traditional deodorants on the shelves offer one color and are packed with junk that most people can’t pronounce.

Natural Tones will not leave you insecure about visible lines after application, the ingredients being absorbed by your body or your personal aroma. It’s about being confident in your own beautiful skin. Natural Tones is dedicated to providing a product that enhances who YOU ARE as an individual. It’s not about covering anything up, it’s about allowing you to be confident in your own skin. Be the change and join the movement.

How It Started

The idea for tinted deodorant came over a decade ago when CEO and owner, Brooke Pezdirtz’ college roommate would regularly request a “pit check” before leaving the house. Many times this revealed visible, contrasting, white streaks under her armpits. The idea of people being concerned about visible deodorant streaks and insecurities caused by deodorant was something Brooke never forgot. She dreamed of a deodorant that allowed all people to feel confident when raising their arms and that would be inclusive for people of all colors and race. After dreaming of this and making countless test batches, the idea became a reality. Natural Tones was born and co-owner, Amber Marek joined in this vision. Together they strive to change the deodorant industry through a clean and natural product that recognizes differences and appreciates people for their individuality.

Deodorant for EVERY BODY

This dream became a reality when Natural Tones opened as a business with the focus of taking a small dream and creating a movement. It’s not just about the insecurity traditional deodorant leaves you with, it’s about equality.

We want to empower our customers to live boldly and dance freely without worrying about their pits. Most of all, we want to represent ALL people, letting them know that they belong.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2